Helping Organizers with Policies & Best Practices

01/26/2023 4:53 PM | Timothy Smith (Administrator)

Where can ultimate organizers turn when they need help with policies and best practices? National Ultimate Alliance (NUA) is building a solution. NUA's growing network of organizers is an ideal space to share policies, discuss best practices or seek feedback and recommendations from colleagues working in ultimate. Through the power of collaboration, NUA is committed to making policy work easier for the folks and organizations who make ultimate happen! For more information - and a policy resource that organizers can use RIGHT NOW - keep reading!

Policy Stuff is Hard!

Whether you're managing a large nonprofit disc organization or coordinating a small local league, policy work can feel overwhelming. Hosting quality programs is challenging enough, but maintaining the policy requirements for a well-functioning organization is where so many organizers burnout and fade away. From finance policies to severe weather protocols to managing issues of conduct and harassment, no single organizer is an expert on every issue we face when promoting ultimate. That's where NUA is here to help. But how?

  1. Engagement with NUA's Organizer Network -- Looking for help with a specific policy? Just ask how other organizations are doing things! NUA's Discord network has been structured with dedicated channels for the most common challenges that organizers face. With thoughtfully crafted Community Norms and an intentional process for onboarding new members, NUA has built a space where organizers can feel comfortable seeking input on a wide range of policy issues.

  2. Platform for Decentralized Collaboration & Shared Resources -- Why work alone when you can combine forces (and split costs and resources!) with fellow organizers in the sport? NUA's growing network creates opportunities for organizers to collaborate on shared goals and projects for the benefit of multiple communities, saving time and energy across the organizer community.

  3. Amplifying New Ideas & Strategies -- What if you're looking for a change from traditional policy approaches to something different or more progressive? NUA can help by highlighting new and forward-thinking ideas from ultimate's organizer community. By raising awareness of the great work happening across our sport, NUA gives organizers the information needed to consider changes for your own community.

A Public Resource for Policy Language & Analysis

As a pilot example for the benefits of collaborative policy work, NUA is pleased to share this two-part paper as a publicly accessible resource for organizers on policies and best practices. Written in 2021, this guide can be used as a foundational resource for organizations to reference when considering the policy needs of their respective communities. Importantly, this resource explores policy areas beyond the typical drivers of compliance and liability and shares recommendations on values-based policies for organizers to consider. Click the link for more information on this project and to access this valuable NUA resource!

We’re Just Getting Started!

As our community evolves, NUA will explore additional opportunities to support ultimate organizers through the policy aspects of their work. Through combining the resources and expertise of a growing network of organizers, NUA hopes to streamline the policy work of organizers so we can focus on what we love - promoting ultimate!

How to Join

Do you need help with policy changes for your own organization? Click here to learn more about NUA's onboarding process and sign up to join our network!

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