Our Story

National Ultimate Alliance emerged from the shared contributions of more than a dozen organizers from across the country. While ultimate's organizer community has maintained an informal network for many years (thanks to coordination from Christie Lawry and Tristan Green), the beginnings of NUA can be traced back to 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic brought organized ultimate to a halt. Two years later, after many meetings and countless hours crafting NUA's foundation, we are excited to finally launch this project. As our network grows, our mission and goals will evolve, but for now the idea behind NUA is simple - we help each other become better organizers and better leaders, which benefits the ultimate communities we serve.

NUA Contributors

This project has been made possible by the past and current efforts of the following contributors:

   Tim Smith - Lead Founder  

 Liz Anderson - Cofounder

 Jude Larene - Cofounder  Jake McKean - Cofounder
 Collin Bartoldus - Cofounder  Christie Lawry - Cofounder  Jamie Mercado - Cofounder
 Brit Gartner - Cofounder  Elena Lopez - Cofounder  Adam Nosowitz - Cofounder
 Tristan Green - Cofounder  Kevin "Bulb" McCormick - Cofounder  Rylan "Strat" Stratton - Cofounder

All NUA logos were designed and contributed by Liz Anderson.

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