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Whether you are managing a large nonprofit disc organization or coordinating a small local league, policy work can feel overwhelming. NUA wants to help! Through collaboration and shared resources, NUA is committed to making policy work easier for the folks and organizations who make ultimate happen. Our growing network of organizers is an ideal space to share policies, discuss best practices or seek feedback and recommendations from colleagues working in ultimate. Click here for more information on joining NUA's online Discord community.

Policies & Practices in Disc Orgs - A Public Resource

NUA is pleased to share this two-part paper as a public accessible resource for organizers on policies and best practices. Written in 2021 by Layne Scherer, this guide can be used as a foundational resource for organizations to reference when considering the policy needs of their respective communities. Importantly, this resource explores policy areas beyond the typical drivers of compliance and liability and shares recommendations on values-based policies for organizers to consider.

NOTE - In the event your organization wishes to adopt some of this language, please include a citation to the author of this document, Layne Scherer. To contact Scherer directly, please use this email.

About the Author

Layne Scherer (she/hers) has been involved in ultimate since 2012, where she joined University of Michigan’s B-Fly for two years as a graduate student. Upon graduation, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she is head coach for George Washington University and Wave, and an official with the AUDL. Previously, Scherer was an assistant coach for Catholic University of America, founding captain and coach of Suffrage, and a board member for the Premier Ultimate League representing D.C. Shadow. 

In her professional life, Scherer is a Study Director and Senior Program Officer at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine with the Board on Higher Education and the Workforce. Her policy portfolio includes higher education; mental health and wellbeing; and antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her other professional background includes federal service, non-profit grants management, and the philanthropic sector. She earned her B.A. (English, history of art) and M.P.P. from the University of Michigan.

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