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National Ultimate Alliance invites ultimate organizers to join our online Discord community. This space is intentionally designed for organizer colleagues to share resources and experiences in order to promote better functioning disc organizations. NUA's online network is guided by our Community Norms, which remind us to elevate and affirm marginalized voices, confront white supremacy within our sport, and respect space within the diverse community of ultimate organizers.

Onboarding Process

NUA maintains an intentional step-by-step process to onboard new members into our Discord community. This process is designed to familiarize new members, learn more about how NUA can support their needs, and also to protect the safety of our existing community. NUA's current onboarding process is as follows:

Step 1: Prospective members must complete the NUA Discord Onboarding Request Form, linked here or available below.
Step 2: Upon receipt of your request, an NUA representative will quickly respond to schedule a 1-on-1 onboarding orientation meeting.
Step 3: After the orientation call is complete, you will be sent an invite URL to join the NUA Discord server.
Step 4: Once on the server, you must consent to NUA's Community Norms and update your server "nickname" to a recognizable name. You may also update your pronouns at your discretion.
Step 5: After the requirements from Step 4 are completed, an NUA moderator will update your final permissions for the server and you are free to engage and collaborate!

Why Use Discord for NUA's Online Community?

NUA has chosen Discord to host our online community due to the platform’s flexibility with role assignments and role reactions. These tools allow NUA participants to self-select specific “roles” (like your pronouns) and also give NUA moderators the flexibility to create and assign private discussion spaces for specific cohorts or affinity groups (for example, a private channel dedicated for disc org board presidents to collaborate, discuss and share individual experiences).

Does This Cost Anything?

Organizers can currently participate in the NUA Discord for free without restriction. As our network grows, NUA will explore funding options to make this project sustainable. The community we build will help determine the resources and tools we need in order to support and develop leaders in our sport.

Who is an "Organizer"?

For the purposes of our public launch, NUA considers "organizers" in ultimate to include the following:

  • Paid staff for local disc orgs
  • Volunteer board members for local disc orgs
  • Organizers of ultimate tournaments
  • Coordinators for ultimate leagues, camps, tournaments & other events
  • Leaders of organizations which serve the ultimate community

Not sure if you fit into these categories? We're happy to chat! Email us at

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