National Ultimate Alliance - The Collaboration Network for Ultimate Organizers

01/13/2023 1:15 PM | Timothy Smith (Administrator)

Attention - Ultimate Organizers!

National Ultimate Alliance (NUA) is excited to officially launch our new network, built to support and empower organizers and leaders in the sport of ultimate. By providing a platform for colleagues to share resources and experiences, NUA works to promote better functioning disc organizations. To learn more about NUA and our current projects and initiatives, visit our website:

How to Get Involved

NUA invites ultimate organizers to join our online Discord community! This space is intentionally designed for organizers to aid and support each other on the many issues and challenges faced by local disc organizations. With thoughtfully crafted community norms and an intentional process for onboarding new members, NUA offers a space for ultimate's diverse organizer community to safely engage and collaborate.

Visit our website ( and submit your NUA Discord onboarding request!

About NUA

National Ultimate Alliance emerged from the shared contributions of more than a dozen organizers from across the country. While ultimate's organizer community has maintained an informal network for many years (thanks to coordination from Christie Lawry and Tristan Green), the beginnings of NUA can be traced back to 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic brought organized ultimate to a halt. Two years later, after many meetings and countless hours crafting NUA's foundation, we are excited to finally launch this project. As our network grows, our mission and goals will evolve, but for now the idea behind NUA is simple - we help each other become better organizers and better leaders, which benefits the ultimate communities we serve.

NUA Projects & Initiatives - Coming Soon!

In addition to our growing network of organizers, NUA will pursue and facilitate projects which provide benefit to the community of local disc organizations. Stay tuned for additional announcements regarding NUA's planned projects for the beginning of 2023!

Follow NUA on Twitter: @ultiorganizers

For questions or inquiries regarding National Ultimate Alliance, contact us via email at

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