National Dialogue on Youth Competition & Formats

National Ultimate Alliance is facilitating a collaborative national dialogue with organizers regarding competition opportunities in youth ultimate for 2023 and beyond. This dialogue will explore the following goals and objectives:

  • For 2023, an expansion of regional and/or superregional youth tournament events which provide quality competition with manageable travel costs and logistics for participants and organizers.

  • Dialogue regarding competition formats in youth ultimate, including new formats which are distinct from existing USA Ultimate formats.

  • Collaboration between organizers to develop a shared and consistent language, structure, and competition experience for this evolving format and related events.

How Can I Get Involved?

Are you interested in collaborating with fellow organizers to expand youth competition opportunities in ultimate? Could your organization host a new regional youth event in 2023 or in future years? Organizers can join the dialogue by completing the following:

  1. Complete NUA's Outreach Survey on Youth Travel Competitions, linked here and also embedded below.
  2. Join NUA's online Discord network to participate in the planning discussions ahead!

For additional questions regarding this project or how to get involved, contact us at

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